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“When design springs from an understanding of the people who are going to use a product, you begin to see forms that you would never have imagined.” –Niels Diffrient

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At FSS we believe that multimedia can have a great impact on the ability of a website to meet its goals. Multimedia, such as virtual reality, movies, audio, and Flash, can put your website over the top or kill its effectiveness if implemented improperly.

For example, in websites where detailing particular spaces or items are important, there is no better technology than virtual reality, which allows a 360 degree view of a room or an object. Presenting products in retail sites, homes/homesites in real estate sites, or fairways for golf courses are just a sample of where this technology may be the feature that makes your business stand out among the competition.

Flash uses movement, video, and audio to effectively present advertisements, product or service demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, and more. Flash presentations can be used as online tools or on-screen presentations that are run from removable media.

Audio and video can be equally effective in getting product information, promotional work, or public relations activities noticed by site visitors. Audio and video can be presented in multiple formats, as needed per the nature of the source and the goal of the clip.

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