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SEO Marketing

No matter how great the design or functionality of your website, it really has no value if your key target market and potential clients never find it amongst the three billion plus pages that comprise the Web.

FSS offers a Search Engine optimization (SEO) & submission service to all of our clients and partners. By working with you and actively promoting your site across the Internet, we can obtain top rankings for your site in the key search engines and directories to take your site to a new level of awareness. We offer several online marketing services that can help you drive web traffic and sales.

Natural/Organic SEO Ranking on Google

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Keyword "Visual Supply Chain" #1 Site TradeFox Keyword "ISIC Compliance" #1 Site TradeFox
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Google AdWords is our pay-per-click (PPC) program of choice as Google drives the most traffic. If you can only afford one, start with Google Adwords. PPC marketing allows you to actively bid on a desired ad position in search results. PPC allows you to immediately show up on the first page of Google Sponsored links providing you have the budget to complete. A successful PPC online marketing campaign must have a clearly defined strategy with carefully chosen keywords (search terms).

We can help you decide if PPC is right for your situation. If you have the budget, PPC combined with search engine optimization (SEO) absolutely provides the best results. Pay-per-click can bring web traffic to your site quickly while the results of your SEO ranking campaign mature. It is always a good idea to start a new site with some PPC advertising since natural rankings can sometimes take some time to appear.

One-time account setup includes the following activities:

Market research and competitive assessment
Keyword research, analysis and selection (up to 200 keywords)
Budget and pricing analysis based on your keyword phrases
Ad group creation and moving keywords into appropriate groups.
Monthly plan includes the following activities:

Revisions to bids adding and removing keywords (up to 200 keywords)
Refinement of landing pages
Monthly reports and analysis of results

Note: You are responsible for paying actual account click fees. Our flat fee is designed to maximize your return on investment. This plan is month-to-month. You can discontinue this service if you decide it is not benefiting your bottom line.

Email and Newsletter Marketing
Email marketing involves the use of newsletters and mailing lists to contact your customers and leads directly. Typically, we would setup an account with a mailing list service to deliver a free report or newsletter to a visitor who fills in their name and email address. This is a potential customer who you can follow up with in email every time you run a special or roll out a new service.

Your customer mailing list is perhaps your most valuable long-term asset. Studies show that a repeat customer is much easier to market to than new customers.

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